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Madiba has been focusing on improving and automating the underlying business processes as well as implementing decision making, planning and analytic solutions for more than 20 years. As an SAP partner and former auditors working with Finance Executives, we saw the need to connect the dots between the CFO’s informational needs and data points in SAP

As a result we have developed SNAP for Finance Analytics, a preconfigured solution for companies using SAP S/4, allowing management to:

  • Find meaningful insight from the abundance of data in SAP.
  • Interact easily and confidently with SAP information.
  • Be assured of the accuracy of reports.
  • Have transparency into the efficiency of finance processes.
  • Own a cost effective solution for their finance team.
  • Reduce the need for external data marts.

Management by exception – Getting out of the trees to see the Forest

In developing SNAP, 33,000 data points in SAP were evaluated, allowing identification of the best methods to present the data for key performance indicators. Madiba’s team of Certified Chartered Accountants, CPA’s and former-CFO’s assessed these data points and compiled a unique proprietary set of views. They provide executive insight at a glance and highlight the items requiring attention. SNAP is built with a “less is more” approach for executive reporting with the option of additional detail, if needed.

The numbers you see are true & live – Getting out of the data moving business

With significant advances in in-memory computing, SAP’s S/4 underlying technology (HANA1) has made it possible to eliminate the traditional replication of detailed data to external data warehouses for reporting. Although traditional data replication processes can be automated, there is always the inherent concern whether the reports reconcile to the official numbers in SAP or when the last data refresh completed.

Finance insights at your fingertips – Executive Friendly

Taking advantage of SAP’s new robust reporting capability that provides financial insight in an easy to digest manner, SNAP is built on SAP’s Analytics Cloud (SAC) platform making it easy to interact with financial insights on a phone, mobile device or web browser. SAC not only allows for actual analysis, but robust planning and predictive analytics.

Get going in a SNAP – Rapid activation

Changing the current paradigm of expensive and long running finance data warehouse implementations, SNAP is a solution that can be quickly deployed and implemented at a surprisingly cost-effective price point with a low monthly subscription cost.

Own a reporting solution for finance

SAP Analytics Cloud is a new generation of cloud analytics SaaS platforms that provides modern as well as intuitive user experience to save time by planning, analyzing, predicting and collaborating in the context, whether your organization in on S/4 cloud, on premise or other.

SAP S/4 HANA -Latest intelligent ERP by SAP

SAP S/4 HANA is a next-generation intelligent ERP by SAP that runs on the revolutionary in-memory database technology called HANA and has embedded machine learning capabilities to optimize financial processes.

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