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Enterprise Business Solutions

Constant evolution in enterprise management requirements necessitates a faster adaptation of solutions around business processes and technology resources.

Technology consulting

Transform the way you make use of technology. With Madiba, drive your business with world class strategy, cutting-edge technology and build better experiences for your clients.


Madiba resources are spread across 4 major continents i.e. Europe, Asia, North & South America covering nearly round the clock support.

Digital Transformation

At Madiba, we assist you in spotting integral business areas which require alignment and fine-tuning to accomplish a successful business transformation.

Cloud And Infrastructure

Madiba leads strategic replatforming to cloud projects for Fortune-500 clients. The programs achieve seamless lift to AWS cloud and replatforms databases from Oracle to SAP HANA.

Other Services

Apart from the already mentioned services, Madiba is also involved with services such as contingent staffing & Government Contracting Services.


Madiba helps enterprises effectively use their data assets to roll out insights that propel action and achieve their desired results faster, thus enabling them to be intelligent.

Project Management

Spread across multiple locations, Madiba Inc believes in teamwork, leadership direction, timely enablement, direction and motivation, thus, contributing to growth and success in the project.



Madiba Active

Madiba ACTIVE spans through all the phases SAP Activate Project Plan for SAP S/4 HANA conversion scenarios; thereby reducing the overall project efforts by 30-50% approx (based on availability of data & resources.) We possess thorough knowledge, deep expertise and selected accelerators repository from SAP Roadmap viewer based on numerous years of experience.

Madiba SNAP

Changing the current paradigm of expensive and long running finance data warehouse implementations, SNAP is a solution that can be quickly deployed and implemented at a surprisingly cost-effective price point with a low monthly subscription cost. 

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Intellectuals Row the Boat Together

We join hands with various companies to explore the genius in everything they do and offer opportunities that change the way they feel about transition

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