As part of our SNAPTM  for Finance Analytics, we have developed FINexTM, a supporting preconfigured solution for companies using S/4HANA or a BW/HANA sidecar that integrates the finance ledger with extended details not contained in the ledger. This allows management to perform analytics with the confidence that:

Reports fully reconcile to the official financial ledger (since it is based on the official ledger)

Integrated details outside of the ledger are seamlessly integrated and available in one report
The preconfigured solution is proven and activated in a different manner than traditional Finance Data Warehouse projects
The typical and time-consuming practice of finance analysts exporting different SAP tables and trying to join data in offline spreadsheets will be dramatically reduced.

Integrated data that is always ready for detailed analysis

Finance does not always have great options available when it is necessary to do detailed finance analytics, namely:
Relying on a custom data warehouse built by non-finance technologists who understand the technology well but lack the appreciation of diverse questions Finance Analysts need to address, or
Following the traditional practice of exporting and joining data manually (which has inherent accuracy risks and/or laptop memory and performance constraints)

The data always reconciles

Madiba’s team of Certified Chartered Accountants, CPAs and former CFOs compiled a unique proprietary set of views that will always reconcile with the finance ledger. This addresses one of the biggest concerns with unintegrated data marts and subledgers that have additional details but are not the official data set underpinning the P&L.

The numbers you see are true & live – Getting out of the data moving business

With significant advances in in-memory computing, SAP’s S/4 underlying technology (HANA1) has made it possible to eliminate the traditional replication of detailed data to external data warehouses for reporting. Although traditional data replication processes can be automated, there is always the inherent concern whether the reports reconcile to the official numbers in SAP or when the last data refresh completed.

Get going in a Madiba FINex – Rapid activation

Changing the current paradigm of expensive and long running finance data warehouse implementations, Madiba FINex is a solution that can be quickly deployed and implemented at a surprisingly cost-effective price point with a low monthly subscription cost.

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