Digital Transformation

Each company is unique, likewise, is the scope and effort required to achieve a thriving digital transformation. For that, business processes have to be reevaluated, reallocated, and simplified at each point of a project using the right digital-savvy innovators in place. With a progressive vision in mind, careful planning and a customary methodical process, we can help you reach your target in a safe and fast manner.

Minimise directional changes with a calculated and well-planned Digital Roadmap

Digital transformation is NOT about having a string of ad-hoc digital projects or making use of new technology for namesake. It should be tangible, possess a practical value, and immediately applicable

The answer to a profitable and progressive digital roadmap strategy is the one with shared and compliant business objectives by all stakeholders, rather than isolated digital initiatives to impress the status quo

Gain your Stakeholders alliance with Madiba’s Embark-Inspire-Engage method which enables the creation of a detailed and insightful roadmap for your digital transformation expedition. Madiba has a well-defined target and a step-by-step roadmap to assist you in achieving your shared goals and initiatives which focuses towards better scalability and always leads in technology

Business Process Modelling solutions

Based on a three-part method comprising ‘Examine, Evaluate, Enhance,’ we analyse your present processes, point out counterproductive workflows, and offer a model that is aligned with your business strategy. Our process models assist you in:

  • Formalizing current workflow and apply a standard procedure across global business units
  • Liaise process information through an integrated passage, allowing stakeholders to be in agreement with you
  • Buffer risk and construct testable processes that secure maximal acceptance with regulatory standards

Business Process - Simplification and Incorporation

Madiba assists companies in constructing scalable solutions that can integrate complex-event processes for their business segments spread across the world. Our method helps firms gain traction into the functioning of sub-processes in real-time and make quicker, well-informed decisions.

We help enterprises gain operational excellence in simplification, automation, integration operations, and optimization, leveraging Lean Six Sigma method.

Business Process Optimization

Optimizing a business process costs more labour than simply buying a new software. It needs taking a serious look at a company’s operations to reduce the resources needed to complete tasks. Madiba has a great team of experts to assist businesses recognize the best and shortest route to process and resource optimization while ensuring sustainable success

At Madiba we help you put together the building blocks to

  • Simplify operations by removing process gaps and refining cross-functional collaboration
  • Find quick-witted ways to finish manual tasks and multiply efficiency by allowing your employees to look after the important tasks
  • Accelerate your processes, without giving up on precision
  • See how each process consolidates with the rest of your business, and the outcome it’s offering for further refinement

Change Management

One of the crucial challenges in the present world’s workforce is looking after the requirements of different generations at work. Our workforce will continue to see a change within the talent pool, with many employees coming towards the end of their careers and next generations making an entry in the workforce. The influx of fresh talent is expected to increase by 58% percent in the coming decade with training in the latest technologies and new ideas. In this case, an efficient change management strategy must include technology and all generations. Madiba can assist you and your business team get stimulated and inspired with technology and innovation. Let Madiba assist you in creating an adaptable roadmap to better adjust to this constant change in the workforce.

End - User Training

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is making employees use and widen the technology they have in place. For operational effectiveness, companies invest vast amounts of resources, time and money to set up ERP systems. But, sometimes, the result is not as expected

Setting up a new ERP system does not need to be a hellish adventure. You just need to prioritise your employee training. Your end-users need to understand how the new system is going to modify and improve current business processes, the advantage it brings to the company in terms of reaching business goals, what is required from the employees, their roles and responsibilities

The SAP software system developed for a company is distinctive to that company. Therefore, generic training is of minimal significance. At Madiba, our team of  SAP professionals in end-user training can assist you with:

  • Assessing the requirements of the end-users and how skilled they are with computer applications so that a syllabus can be created based on the roles and responsibilities of the group that is targeted and instill confidence to utilise SAP systems as business users
  • Hands-on training with authentic business scenarios
  • User friendly and engaging learning strategies compared to boring PowerPoint presentations
  • A well integrated learning approach where training is offered by both offline and online means for accessing knowledge on demand 
  • Create a sustainable training method that gives long-term support and transfer of knowledge

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