Setting the right strategic course for a business is critical to achieve success. The role of Information Technology (IT) in the success of a business is becoming ever more critical. No longer a back-office tool, IT has acquired a pivotal position in areas such as Sales, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Supply Change Mangement (SCM) and Business Intelligence. Our work with our clients entails choosing the right technology and applications to support the current and future needs while containing the costs of deployment and operations.

Madiba has assisted clients with package evaluation and early stage business case development for package implementation. Choosing the right ERP solution requires a wealth of experience that spans both industry and technology. Early gap fit analysis is critical in identifying implementation risk. Alternative solutions and consideration for creative implementation strategies is the quality that Madiba offers its clients.

Technical and application architecture decisions are becoming more complex under portal based environments. Speed of deployment and the cost of support can be greatly reduced and contained by making the right decision early.

Madiba has a sound track record of providing services for:

  Software evaluation/ ERP package selection
  Solution roadmap planning
  Technical and application architecture assessment
  Early gap-fit analysis
  Deployment strategy development
  Implementation cost estimates
  RFP development


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