Madiba ACTIVE for S4 HANA conversions​

A set of customized business case development, roadmap for SAP S/4 HANA readiness and preparation services.​

Experienced consulting, analysis & adjustment required across all the areas of S/4 HANA digital transformation projects including SAP Model Company consulting.​

Be it conversion, greenfield or selective migration, Madiba provides end-to-end SAP Activate based transformation services including project management  using Focused Build.​

Creative analysis and deep dive into various business process KPIs and optimization scope. ​

S/4 HANA cross application follow-on activities, business & technical process performance optimization.​

24X7 Service Desk based strict SLAs. System Alert & monitoring services. Continuous improvement use cases.​

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The implementation of SAP S/4HANA may have a significant impact on existing business processes. Especially for system conversion scenarios, the functional impact needs to be analyzed, because SAP has simplified functionality, and partly removed redundant functionality in SAP S/4HANA (“Principle of One”). To properly plan the implementation strategy, at least the major impact items should be known as early as possible. Madiba has expertise in the following SAP tools and services to ensure our clients are informed about any & all the impacts well in advance.

Madiba recommends its clients to give a serious thought about considering an end-to-end solution administration tool/platform for their S/4 HANA transformation project.

In the context of transition to SAP S/4HANA from ERP, Solution Manager helps in several ways. Connectivity to Transformation Navigator, Readiness check 2.0 and best practices exploration are the most advocated pre-check tools by SAP for your S/4HANA journey commencement.

It’s indispensable for its SAP Early Watch tool and system monitoring capabilities, which provides deep insights into system health, helping admins analyze trends related to system performance, availability and configuration.

Also, for instance, Maintenance Planner (which is now integrated into the SAP Support Portal) allows your team to calculate dependencies and plan conversions* or upgrades in an intuitive graphical UI, insuring all the pieces of your SAP HANA migration work together properly to support all stakeholders and necessary business processes.

Madiba offers a comprehensive range of Solution Manager 7.2 services such as discovery and activation of Solution Manager, enablement and training, customization, project management, consulting and contingent resourcing. These services in Solution Manager 7.2, are then designed to tailor its out-of-the-box features to suit & fit to customer’s specific needs by providing simplified deliverables that can be used for transition to S/4 HANA project.

Madiba specializes in rendering various tools such as HANA Quick sizer, Solution Manager 7.2 DVM capabilities and SAP Readiness check to understand, re-organize, archive and hence reduce the data footprint.

Madiba recommends that Data Volume Management should be considered prior to a system conversion to reduce the amount of data to be converted (this has implications on duration / downtime of the cutover) as well as to reduce the amount of data in memory (has implications of hardware costs). Madiba helps its clients achieve a shorter conversion duration due to reduced load size.

Madiba specializes in analyzing the current database and determine how much data can be archived or deleted upfront of an SAP S/4HANA implementation.

As part of the transition to SAP S/4HANA, customers need to identify code, that must be adjusted (“must-do’s”), and those that should be adjusted (“should-do’s”).

  • Period End Closing
  • Posting Data Documentation
  • CVI Migration
  • MATNR Extension
  • System Alert & Monitoring Setup

System Alert & Monitoring Setup Deliverables​

Madiba will setup monitoring for your critical jobs, technical system monitors, third party application connections & interfaces, hosts, databases and critical data volumes to support your SAP landscape. These monitoring results will be available for the users out of Solution Manager 7.2 FIORI based screens. These will have capability to drill down to various analytical dashboards and pdf formatted reports to be sent as notifications. ​
Following managed system monitoring will be configured:​
Monitoring and alerting for systems, databases and hosts​
Integration Monitoring for peer-to-peer as well as orchestrated interface scenarios covering On Premise and Cloud components​
Synthetic as well as Real User Monitoring based proven and highly scalable infrastructure​
Component specific Monitoring covering Process Integration, Business Intelligence and Job Monitoring​
Root Cause Analysis for the most common SAP technologies​